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Rustic Shelving/Bookcase/Storage Unit for all Rooms

Rustic Shelving/Bookcase/Storage Unit for all Rooms

value £230.00

Hello, here I am selling a Rustic Shelving/Bookcase/Storage Unit. The unit is made from reclaimed scaffold boards that have been roughly sanded so to keep their character, and finished with two coats of natural oil. The unit is held together using screws with the heads exposed to keep the rustic effect. Within the unit there are two cupboards, for hiding away those embarrassing DVDs and CDs. Although the cupboards have handles on them that are push-to-open, I wanted the cupboards to open like this but also really wanted handles on the doors to give the unit more character, they are made using reclaimed wood and have a block effect to add detail/character. The doors also have two brass hinges each. The shelving unit pictured is\'t the one for sale, it\'s an example product of my own. However if you were to buy one then yours would be the same size. The only difference would be the grain of the wood. If you wanted a different size unit then that\'s not a problem, email me with the sizes and I\'d be more than happy to discuss this with you. Like wise if you wanted a different coloured finish then please ask and I could do that for you too. Otherwise the colour and size you see is for a standard unit. If you wanted any other detail on them just ask and I will see what I can do. These units are big so I don\'t have a stock of them, this means they will be made to order so please allow 5 days for the construction process. (If you require a courier to delivery it this might be longer). I\'m listing the units as collection only but am willing to deliver the item, I am willing to discuss delivery costs which I try to keep as low as possible or I would be happy to find out about courier costs and find the cheapest for you. For a unit this size you are getting a real bargain, I\'m a qualified carpenter so I\'m not someone just knocking them together without fully knowing what I\'m doing. Units like this are in fashion at the minute so get yourself a bargain (before I run out of material) and I hope to deal with you soon. Item size. Width 1500mm Height 960mm Depth 230mm I\'ve added two pictures of other units I\'ve made. As you can see these are slightly different from the original bookcase. These is what the client asked for so thought I would show you an example of how other people have wanted their bookcases making. If you have any further questions please just email me and I\'d be happy to help you.

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